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  • Paul Burgess

Oracle and how Larry is tracking you!!!

A class action lawsuit has been filed against Oracle this month. The suit, which was filed Friday as a 66-page complaint in the Northern District of California, alleges the tech giant’s “worldwide surveillance machine” has amassed detailed dossiers on some five billion people, accusing the company and its adtech and advertising subsidiaries of violating the privacy of the majority of the people on Earth.

Download PDF • 965KB

A link to the original complain is above for your reading.

In reading the complaint, this reminds us of a police-state like tracking reminds us of of the book '1984' or movie 'Minority Report'. Oracle wants to use all this data to predict what you will buy next.

One of the defendents in the case - Michael Katz-Lacabe - states in the complaint:

" most members of modern society, must use the Internet to conduct routine affairs of daily life. On May 4, 2022, despite taking significant steps to maintain his online and offline privacy, Mr. Katz-Lacabe received a document from Oracle indicating Oracle had tracked, compiled, and analyzed his web browsing and other activity and thereby created an electronic profile on him. On information and belief, Oracle continues to track Mr. Katz-Lacabe’s internet and offline activity, enrich the profile of him as described below, and make his personal information available to third parties without his consent. On information and belief, Mr. Katz-Lacabe has visited websites where his electronic communications were intercepted by the use of Oracle JavaScript code"

Further more the complaint outlines now Oracle does the tracking in their Java code.

This is all re-enforced by the posturing of Larry Ellison - founder and chairman of the board of Oracle - onstage in a video POSTED HERE.

It is clear the intent is to show a few things:

  • Oracle Cloud is real - or at least to Larry

  • They are the biggest at what they do

  • They have consolidated all the data to best predict what you will buy next.

  • Tracking 5 billion people and consolidating 1,500 data sources

Personally this makes my body hurt as I have seen this evolve in both the private and government sectors for over 30 years - but Oracle is now promoting this to the world for all to consume. Does anyone think Larry won't offer this up to any government entity as well - nothing keeping them from turning this into 'BIG BROTHER'.

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