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  • Paul Burgess

Gartner review of content management - HOW THE MIGHTY HAVE FALLEN!!!

With over 70% of all corporate data locked up inside documents and other unstructured data objects, the world of content management is an important area to keep current. On October 18, 2021 the latest iteration from Gartner was made available. One of the fundamentals of all analysis is to look at change over time - and to sum it up ---> "HOW THE MIGHTY HAVE FALLEN".

The top 5 biggest changes over the last two years include:


  • IBM - from leader to niche as they cannot find their way

  • OpenText - almost reduced to a visionary with no real focus on content


  • BOX - moved up significantly


  • Hyland - even after acquiring Nuxeo and Alfresco...didn't really change


  • Microsoft - They have changed the pricing and economic landscape of content repositories forever

The most damaging quotes from the report include:

"OpenText customers often express frustration about price negotiation and unexpected project complexity. OpenText is also the subject of more inquiries from Gartner clients about license audits than any other CSP vendor."


In Gartner inquiries, IBM FileNet is the most common source for migrations to other platforms. Pricing and total cost of ownership are most commonly mentioned as the rationale for looking at alternative platforms.

If you are using any of these on-premise offerings today, it is obvious these options are stoic and the only real play forward is in the cloud. Over time, business documents and objects depreciate in value and could be moved to a cold archive or completely deleted all together. Remember that when going to the cloud, the costing models become more detailed and the lift-and-shift of terabytes of unnecessary documents should not take place.

The 2021 "Magic Quadrant for Content Services Platforms" Gartner report:

What you should do:

  • If you are on FileNet or Documentum, it is time to consider an alternative. Life Science organizations have been moving to Veeva for years (off Documentum) and - as per Gartner - FileNet is the 'most commonly mentioned' in migrating to other platforms. WHY? - the cost now out-weights the benefit.

  • The repository is not the most valuable component - it is about using greater AI and machine learning during ingest, nimble process automation/workflow tools that interconnect to bring better straight through processing and better search and reusability.

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