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Oracle and how Larry is tracking you!!!

A class action lawsuit has been filed against Oracle this month. The suit, which was filed Friday as a 66-page complaint in the Northern...

Summer Update and Observations - databases

As most of us are somewhere relaxing (I am at my place in Lake Tahoe) as we look to swing through COVID, wanted to take a moment around...

Database Trending - an interesting perspective

Human nature is to measure - good versus bad, better versus worse, consider the references to Bo Derek's movie '10' or David Letterman's...

Databases in 2021: A Year in Review

We all appreciate a well documented and thought out article/post that shows little in the way of vendor 'advertorial' and brings proper...

The CLOUD is a land grab

The move from batch-based mainframes to 'client/server' in the 1990s were motived by three fundamental motivators: Make money - The real...

Liars, Money and Benchmarking

There is no lack of money finding its way into corporate repository technologies. Look at the financial evidence: The biggest IPO of...

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